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who are you?

who are you?

You are human

As a human, you have an innate desire to grow, to develop, to transform.

You seek to be heard and understood. Not for the you that you’re so great at pretending to be. The you that you are too scared to be because you fear that you won’t be accepted.

You want to leave the world a better place than you found it. You yearn to love and be loved, to speak your truth, to have a voice, to make a difference. You want to connect with the people you work with. You want to love coming to work because it challenges you and inspires you and motivates you.


You are CEO

As a CEO, you want to steer the company in the right direction, you want growth, you want efficiency, a great culture, to hire and retain the best talent.

You care deeply about your employees and want them to succeed. You know you have areas to work on and you are willing to dive in.

You know that you set the tone for your team and your business. You know that emotional intelligence is critical for the success of your company. 

You are team leader

As a manager, you want your team to succeed and grow and learn.

You want to be loved or respected. You know you have influence. You see there is opportunity for growth on your team. You want to bring out the best in people.

You are people leader

As a people leader, you have a voice at the table.

You are passionate about creating a diverse and equitable workforce, and know that starts with inclusion.

To have an inclusive culture is something the whole company must work toward every day, and it begins with every individual bringing their most authentic self to work, using their voice, and saying the hard things.

You are an ERG-lead

As an ERG-lead, you want to make your organization a better, more equitable, safe, inclusive place. You see the need to lift underrepresented voices up.

You struggle with organizations where you feel leadership is only doing lip service. You yearn to make a difference and want to have more influence on the direction of the organization. You’re probably tired if you’ve been pounding on the door for a while, or maybe you had a recent wake-up call and you’re ready for action. Either way, we can support you.

Whoever you are in your organization, I’m happy you’re here, because it means you are already asking huh.