I’m not quite ready but want to know more.

As a member of the Aliveness Collective, you will join a global community of people supporting each other to live life to the yummiest through continuous growth, learning, curiosity, self-awareness development, and feedback.

What does aliveness mean?

The ability to be completely present in your
experiences, fully feeling all of your emotions and able to be curious about them, engage with them, embody them, and express them.

Aliveness is joy, awe, and energy—and it is also allowing fear, sadness, and rage to flow through you. Aliveness can be a whole-body yes or a whole-body no. Or even a whole-body meh.
It’s that rush of wonder in a big moment, like skydiving or getting an amazing glimpse of the Milky Way while driving down a dark
highway. Or in a micro-moment, like noticing how the carpet feels under your feet, or standing and letting the sun really soak into you on a cold day when you haven’t seen it in a while and really need it.

and it’s that plop in the pit of your stomach before getting up on stage to speak, or giving a presentation at work, or saying something really hard to your friend or family member or partner.

and it’s that intense sensation of I don’t wanna!

Living in aliveness means the freedom, born of the hard work of self-growth, to make intentional choices that help you embrace, reframe, or reorient to what you are experiencing and feeling.

Choosing to ask for and share feedback in that spirit.

to get a quick answer

Is this for ME?

Well, That depends…

Do you consider yourself an explorer,a seeker, a lifelong learner, or a hange-maker?
Are you currently on a journey of self-discovery, but want some travel companions?
Do you dream about a different life, but don’t know how to make it happen?
Do you feel too weighed down by what’s happening in the world to know how to access/bring your gifts and make the impact you want to?
Great news. You don’t have to feel or do any of this alone.

You’re in compassionate & kooky company!

What will I get by joining?

Deep connection

To people all over the world who share your quest for fulfillment, aliveness, purpose,
and self-discovery.

So many tools for your life toolkit

Living a great big beautiful juicy life is a daily choice and a practice.
We say practice—as in the noun and the verb—because so often, our old beliefs and patterns get in the way of our aliveness.

That’s why we build new ones. Practices like:


We’re only human, so it’s easy to forget to live into our feelings, visions, and yearnings. Ironically, life gets in the way of our aliveness. We go back to our old programming early and often.

We need accountability to keep us purposefully orienting to what we want, noticing and celebrating the small shifts, noticing the new levels of consciousness and intention we are building, and creating action plans to do the next thing differently.

Who holds us accountable? People—especially a community of people who have agreed to hold each other accountable.

A support flock

Even if we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love us, many of us believe very strongly that we are—in various ways—profoundly on our own…and that we have to figure things out by ourselves. Wrong-ola!

There’s a magic about growing in community with others that reminds us we are part of something bigger. That’s what your support flock is here for—not just to hold you accountable, but to hold you up, nudge you forward, and cheer you on—wings flapping.

You don’t actually have to stand alone. On one leg or two. And besides, don’t you just wanna hang with a bunch of other perfectly imperfect weirdo flamingos?

Raised consciousness

When you’re not there, you’re not there to know you’re not there.” This is one of our favorite quotes by Harvard Mindfulness professor, Dr. Ellen Langer. When we are not conscious, we are not conscious to know we are not conscious and thus, we are making decisions unconsciously. In fact, if you’ve read Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow, based on his Nobel-prize winning research, you know that 95% of our decision-making is unconscious.

The question is: which 5% do we want to be more intentional about? When we become aware of our feelings, yearnings, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns, we are able to pause our immediate reactions and decide what we want to say and how we act. Don’t you want to pause before your midnight graham cracker raid or before screaming that obscenity to your highway-mate with your child in the car?
Ok, but
what will
I get?

A monthly Vision Quest

An hour of reflection + group coaching + a wee bit of training (think: strategies and tools for your toolkit) + connection time around living your vision.
Weekly Movement Medicine – 30 minutes of movement to embody how we want to feel in our lives.
Weekly aliveness prompts through our WhatsApp group

The monthly Explore 101 series

Dip your toe into a new body-brain-belief practice each month. From neuroscience-backed to backed by human experience, each month you will get to learn about and experience a taste of a new modality (as much as is possible via Zoom) to add to your available array, and we’ll have community connection time related to the topic. Coming up:
Other awesomeness that we will co-create together! (Book clubs, specific accountability groups, the sky is the limit!)
Discount on trainings + offerings by member- practitioners
Access to a resource list of favorite trainings, readings, podcasts, etc.

That’s 5 hours of
Yummies each month.

How much does it cost to join?

We offer sliding scale pricing to make our community accessible to all. Honor system.

$27 / Month

If you need support / a scholarship

$47 / Month

If you can pay for yourself

$67 / Month

If you can support someone to have access who might not otherwise

monthly options coming soon*
At the highest price point, you are still paying only $12.50 for each hour of engagement.
We also offer a money-back guarantee. We want you to want to be here. If you’ve joined each of the above offerings at least once and truly feel you haven’t grown in some way, we’ll refund you. Really.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer sliding scale pricing to make our community accessible to all. Honor system.
Hi, I’m Krissie. I created the Aliveness Collective as a manifestation of the community I’ve always wanted. I’m a lifelong learner. I’ve worked in the corporate world, been to business school, and graduated from the first-ever accredited master’s program in coaching. I’ve also taken time to learn from forms of ancient wisdom, like breathwork and bodywork, meditation, yoga and other forms of sacred movement, and plant medicine.

Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about living a fully fulfilled, purposeful, yummy life. And yes, it’s about all the things I thought! Beauty! Joy! Synchronicity! But it’s also about the challenging things. It’s about feeling all the feelings and simply being on the journey, whatever part you’re on. It’s not always easy. So, I wanted company in my aliveness journey from a community of people on their own aliveness journeys. And if you’re here reading this, maybe you want that, too.
I love flamingos. My vision of the Aliveness Collective is a lot like a flock of flamingos—which, awesomely, is called a flamboyance: a group of individuals coming together to support each other in living our most colorful, fulfilling, soaring, awkward-yet-graceful lives. Flock, yeah.
No, other than the belief that we can do more together than we can alone. We are an inclusive community that comes together to explore ideas and practices with open minds. The foundation of what we do is research backed, and other parts of it come from forms of ancient wisdom that aren’t science backed just yet and may not be in our lifetimes. We believe in experimenting and learning about stuff so we can make our own decisions about what we accept and what resonates with us.
We cater to multiple time zones and are always adding / experimenting with what works best for our community. Currently weekly Movement Medicine occurs on:
Tuesdays at 5:30AM PT | 7:30AM CT | 8:30AM ET | 1:30PM CET
Thursdays at 9:30AM PT | 11:30AM CT | 12:30PM ET | 5:30PM CET
Monthly Vision Quests happen on:
The first Tuesday of the month at 8AM PT | 10AM CT | 11AM ET | 4PM CET
The third Tuesday of the month at 6PM PT | 8PM CT | 9PM ET | 2AM on the third Wednesday CET Times for monthly Explore 101 sessions vary.
You can join for one session or all the sessions in a month. It’s entirely up to you.
No: other than the initial Visioning Workshop and 1:1 coaching session, our offerings are a la carte. We want our community to serve all of us, and that means serving each of us in all the complexity of our needs, wants, and comfort levels.
We intend for you to feel at least a little bit more fulfilled in your life, to have awareness of some of your patterns and tools so that you can make a choice to change them, and to experience being seen and known—by yourself and others who are on their journeys beside you.