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Get mindful

The grateful ABCs

During mealtime, each person goes around and says one thing they are grateful for, starting with the letter A, then moving to B, then C, and going all the way to Z. 

Fun fact: Research shows that practicing gratitude makes us happier!

Get movin'

Ask Amazon Alexa: “Alexa, Ask SillyThings to tell me to do something silly”

(don’t have a physical Amazon Alexa? All the apps are available on the Alexa app!)

The app was created by parents with their two children and will ask your child to act out silly things like: “Act like a fish out of water”, “Act like you just ate a really sour lemon”, “Do your most silly dance”, “Act like you are standing on hot lava”, and many more.

Get talkin'

Celebrate wins!

End the day by sharing and celebrating one win – one thing you’re proud of! (You and your child!) Could be anything from finishing a homework assignment to helping a sibling to cleaning up toys.

Get creative

Make a surprise activity jar

From one Chicago mom: “We filled a jar with pieces of paper of activities in it and the kids select one to do. It has various activities that the kids can do for 30 mins. It includes some fun activities that they like ipad time, video game time, baking, drawing. And it includes whammies like cleaning a room, Mom’s free choice, and quiet time. The element of surprise is what makes it exciting and fun!”

Get thinkin'

with these 200 trivia questions for kids!

Get makin'

Be entrepreneur for a day! 

The problem: coronavirus is spreading quickly; how do we stop the spread?

What we know:

  • It spreads through droplets in the air – sneezing, coughing, handshakes, even being close to other people
  • It spreads quickly! My 6 and 10-year old godchildren actually really understood how quickly it spreads with these simulations with the moving dots. 
  • Symptoms include fever, aches, tiredness loss of sense of smell

Come up with 8 different solutions to stop the spreading!
Every child is problem-solver and possible entrepreneur. 

  • Draw the solution!
  • Use legos, things from the recycling bin to build it!
  • Use clothes from the closet to model it.
  • Encourage them that every solution is worth exploring.

(By the way, this is based on a technique “crazy eights” app developers use!)